The tipping solution for a cashless society.

Rapid makes it easy to accept digital tips from customers without them needing to download an app or create an account.


Customers scan your code, tap a tip amount, and immediately pay via Apple or Google Pay. No apps or accounts required.

Setup in under a minute

Instantly launch your Rapid page, connect a bank account or debit card, and start accepting digital tips.

Set default tipping options

Set default tipping options to make it easy for your customers. You can set them to always be the same, or if you're getting tipped on an order, dynamically set them to be percentage of order size.

Instant checkout

Tippers don't need an app or account to tip you. They pay via Apple Pay or Google Pay directly from their browser.

Completely customizable

Set whatever default tip options you want, change page colors, and even create dynamic pages for different situations.

Share your code however you want

Let tippers scan your Rapid Code, or send them a URL.

Who's getting tipped with Rapid?

Delivery drivers

Delivery drivers are asking for tips through Rapid instead of the delivery service apps

Rideshare Drivers

Drivers are getting tips directly from customers instead of through the rideshare

Valet attendents

Rapid Codes are shown on the valet stand so drivers can tip while they wait.


Hotel housekeepers can make it even easier for guests to show their appreciation.

Car wash

Customers can tip car wash attendents from inside their car on their way out.

Street performers

Street performers are making more money than ever by letting the audience tip electronically

See how simple tipping can be!

Scan this Rapid Code with your phone and see the experience. You'll be sending a tip to the person who created Rapid (and yes, it'll charge you, thanks!).

Simple, Transparent Pricing

No monthly fees. Only pay when you make money. Rapid charges 1% on top of regular credit card fees.

Rapid Fees


Credit Card Fees


Per Transaction Fee


Start accepting payments in 5 minutes. (coming soon)


Create an account

Create a Rapid account by entering some basic information.


Add a product

Add a product you'd like to sell. Offer multiple sizes, quantities, and more.


Connect your bank

Using our partnership with Stripe, connect your bank so Rapid knows where to send money.